My go-to ingredients and easy S.O.P. and for a healthy meal prep

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It’s an internal struggle, isn’t it? You want to eat clean and yet you want to sleep in. I feel you!

I tend to pack my own lunches to avoid the mid-afternoon energy crash and mental fog that comes when I eat out. Yet it’s hard to wake up in the morning to do that.

That’s why I make my healthy meal prep process as quick as possible.

I have a guideline and routine so that I’m able to prepare breakfast and lunch and get myself ready in about an hour in the morning.

What goes into my packed lunches: VEG, CARBS, PROTEIN, OIL, SEASONING

I use dried food items as these can be pre-prepared.

For fresh food, I choose items that can be cooked without supervision or cooked in a few minutes. As much as I can, I don’t cook and store fresh food overnight.

Frozen foods are wonderful when you have no time to keep buying groceries and you have a microwave.

Healthy meal prep go-to ingredients by category

Healthy meal prep - carbs
healthy meal prep - protein

*Tofu and tempeh: Batch – bake or airfry during the weekend then keep the tofu and tempeh in the fridge )

**Activated nuts: Soak overnight, bake and keep in airtight container .

***Fresh chickpeas: Boil during the weekend, separate into daily portions and freeze

healthy meal prep-spices and oils

Now let’s burn through that meal prep process

A) Start baking the baked items first thing when I wake up because baking takes the longest.

1. Preheat oven at 180C

2. Wash sweet potatoe/ potatoe/ taukwa

3. Season and pop them in the oven and set for 25 mins.

Get myself ready :

B) Do the BOILED or Microwavable stuff after i have gotten myself ready (This gives them time to cool and dry so I don’t get a soggy lunch)

6. Set water to boil as I wash the necessary items.

7. Blanch veggies for 1 to 2mins. Sieve them out to drip dry.

8. Egg goes into the hot but non-boiling pot of water for 10mins

9. Egg sits in cool water after the 10 mins (to prevent overcooking PLUS I don’t want to touch a hot egg)

🥝🥑🥜 Prepare smoothie and breakfast while waiting (More on that on another post)

healthy meal prep lunch

C)Put everything together.

10. Assemble ingredients that need  no preparation or have been pre-prepared (tempeh, nuts, beans, yeast etc)

11. Add on the baked and boiled items.  

12. Drizzle oil and seasoning.

Breakfast and lunch are ready– go get the day!


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