Don’t want bras that are still in good condition? Donate your bras to uplift others!

UPDATE (28 Jan):

We are uplifted by your tremendous support and donations have busted all our expectations! We will have to close all collection points after 29 Jan (Tuesday). (For donors to whom we have noted your address and confirmed pick up/ said we would meet you, we will still collect your donations. )

For those who would still like to help out, we now need additional funds to help with the ballooning shipping and transportation costs: the amount will be shared when the total weight of collections have been tabulated.

Curious to know how MUCH bras have come in so far?

(Yea, it’s a crazy amount.)

Stay tuned for the vital statistic!


UPDATE (27 Jan):

Thank you for all your love and support! Due to overwhelming response, we will not be able to collect individually at MRT stations and home addresses.

We are currently working hard to settle logistics for the unexpected volume, and to keep existing drop off points open for donations, before responding to more emails and private messages for donations. 

Care to lend a hand? Scroll down to ‘How you can help?” We’d love to hear from you too!
donate your bra- poster
Poster at drop off points

Hello! How is your spring cleaning coming along?

I started spring cleaning slightly earlier this year and discovered I had many things to throw or gift away. Yet I was embarrassed to gift my used clothes as they were well.. used. And what about my bras? Oh no! Of course not!

Yet I still wondered, “Was there really no way to give a new leash of life to our not-so-well-worn undergarments?”

And that was how I discovered The Uplift Project – an initiative which distributes bras to women in impoverished regions.I was mind blown. I know there is poverty. Yet I have never considered that it would mean having to forego something so personal ☹

Reading through the site, I felt a heaviness in my heart.

“For the women to be given free bras is an unbelievable experience for all of them. Women feel a tremendous obligation to meet the needs of their families, and so for any women in the village to spend money buying a bra for herself can almost be seen as an unforgivable sin. The priority for women’s spending is food and education needs of children.”

“Often the bra received through Uplift will be the only bra that the woman owns.”

Noooooo …! We’ve got 99 problems but a bra shouldn’t be one. With Chinese New Year (CNY) around the corner and the frenzied dumping that comes with it, I’m sure we can help out. So that was how the seeds for the Singapore CNY 2019 bra donation drive were planted.

I reached out to Uplift and was overjoyed when I finally heard from the organiser and project coordinator in the Philippines, who said she would be very happy to receive our gifts.

Why the Philippines? Well, it is the cheapest to ship to the Philippines . Most importantly, their bra sizes are similar to Singaporeans – fun fact for me.

So the big question .. what items can be donated?

  • Regular bras (good condition)
  • *Bras with one underwire missing: If you could remove the other underwire, it becomes a useful bra.
  • Nursing bras/crop tops, reusable nursing pads
  • Mastectomy bras and prostheses
  • One-piece swimsuit
  • Unused underwear

“Bras with minor damage acceptable in the rare categories: mastectomy and maternity. Even if the elastic is stretched out, and it is a little stained, a maternity bra that will hold a pad will catch leaks, and that provides dignity.”

“Swimwear is great for keeping warm if you are standing in the water fishing with a hand line for a couple of hours. It is also handy for coastal women who dive for cash crops.”

What do we not need?

  • Clothes
  • Sports bras

How to donate your items:

  • Place your donations in a bag (with bra sizes stated: 32, 34, 36 inches etc.) before dropping them off
  • Please wash bras before donating if they have been used

Donation drop off points

Strike Combat Muay Thai (beside OCBC Frank ATM machines)
Singapore Management University
Li Ka Shing Library Building, #B1-42
70 Stamford Road
Singapore 178901
1- minute walk from Bras Basah MRT Station Exit C
Park at Lee Kong Chian building and  take the underpass to Li Ka Shing Library Building
Mon- Fri : 12 – 9pm
Sat: 12- 5pm
Sun: Closed

Church of Christ
347 Pasir Panjang Road
Singapore 118688
7am to 8pm daily

Directions to Church of Christ

Singapore Pain Solutions
116 Lavender St
Pek Chuan Building
Mon, Tue and Thur
10am – 1pm, 3pm – 7pm
Wed and Fri: 10 – 1pm, 3pm – 8pm
Sat: 9 – 2pm
Sun: 11- 3pm

Hougang MRT side towards exit A (bus interchange)

26 Jan (Sat): 11am to 1pm
29 Jan (Tue): 6pm to 8pm
( PM via Facebook: Pricilla Prick; Instagram: anaporia)

Lorong Chuan MRT
28 Jan (Mon): 615pm – 630pm
In front of control station
PM me on instagram @hercleanslate, on Facebook @Her Clean Slate.

Eunos MRT
Please Facebook message @Siglapian Charmers for meets on weekdays before 6pm.

Please Facebook message Elaine Toh on Facebook ( for drop off at Blk 32 Ghim Moh Link or other arrangements.

How you can help?

We require:

  1. Storage space ? We will require it until 4th Feb. 
  2. Have time on 1st and 2nd Feb to be part of our collection crew? We’ll need help driving and collecting donations from homes and collection points.
  3. Have a van to spare on 1st and 2nd Feb? Have a lorry that you can drive? Even better! 
  4. Have time on 3rd Feb? We will need help sorting and packing on 3rd Feb – Female volunteers please 🙂 Location and time to be shared later. 

You can reach me at 🙂 Looking forward to hearing from you!

Closing time

Due to overwhelming response, we will not be accepting any more doorstep pick up service and request for individual MRT meet ups  as of 1200hrs on 26 Jan. Thank you for your understanding.

Kindly do not leave bras at the drop off points after the last day 😊

Thank you so much for your donations and effort.

Have a joyous and abundant Lunar New Year!

Much much love,

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2 thoughts on “Don’t want bras that are still in good condition? Donate your bras to uplift others!

  • Hey, may I meet up with you in AMK to pass you the bras? I stay along AMK Ave 2. Unfortunately I will be away on a biz trip 27-31 Jan. But would love to meet up before to pass you.

    • Hi Juliana,

      Thanks for reaching out. I wasn’t checking for comments so I just got to your message! Sad that I’d missed you! Have a good trip!

      Warm regards,

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