Back pain series part 2: Exercises for a strong lower back

Hello! Merry Christmas~

I hope you are having a rejuvenating day spending time with people you love.

For me, I started today with a workout.

It is tempting to cut back on exercise after hurting our backs. However, a strong lower back is so important to stave off back pain.

As for the choice of exercise, I avoid activities like running, weight lifting, HIIT, and opt for lower-impact exercises which I’ll share more about below.

Please note, however, rest and nutrition are the priorities if you are still hurting after you have hurt your back!

Hit the pool

–              Swimming is the go-to exercise for back pain. It is a great full body exercise. It even activates less often used muscles.

– Cannot swim? Take a walk in the pool! Swing your arms to add to the resistance.  If your back pain is caused by tight hamstrings, walking backward can help you out.


If you are able to, rollerblading is great for cardio without the impact. Having had pain in my back and knees, I know it puts way less strain on them as opposed to running. I love rollerblading as it works my lower abs without me even realising it.

Toning Exercises for a strong lower back



Exercise 1: Side stretch and leg lift

I take my time with this, allowing myself a full side stretch. Every movement is controlled- I tighten my core throughout the entire workout. Remember no abrupt or jerky movements.

Exercises 2 and 3: Hamstring and butt lift

These work your glutes and hamstrings. Want more out of your workout? Come up to a tiptoe for your supporting leg. Keep that leg bent – not locked – to protect your knee!

If you have don’t feel strong enough for these exercises, you can start with good old planks.

When you are up for it, you can upgrade to lifting one leg at a time when holding the plank.

Have patience

I understand that it is frustrating to lose some fitness progress as you recover from injury and you might be tempted to go all out during your work out to make up for ‘lost time’. Deep down we know that is counter-productive, so please exercise safe.

Wishing you a strong and pain-free Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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