Staying fresh in sweaty Singapore with my homemade deodorant

Hello! How have you been?

I’m sorry for going quiet. Some things  cropped up, and the past months have been an eye-opening journey.

I’d tell you more in time to come:)

Meantime, with the weather constantly being hot and humid, let’s talk about pits.

I just made a new batch of homemade deodorant and I’d love to share with you my go-to deodorant recipe.

Why homemade deodorants?

Well in a nutshell, I was in a constant battle against acne until my mid-twenties. The years of trial and error with skincare/diet/medication have made me conscious about what I apply onto my skin.

That’s why I now avoid chemicals in my skincare and bath soaps as much as I can.

And once I committed to going natural, it wasn’t as difficult as I thought! Because many of these ingredients can be found or used in the kitchen. My belief is that if it is good enough to eat, it is good enough for my skin.

I don’t use antiperspirants because perspiring serves important functions – to detox and to cool down our bodies.

So I believe in letting it flow  but keeping it less stinky of course.

Homemade Deodorant Recipe

homemade coconut oil deodorant

I include tea-tree oil for extra antibacterial power and lavender essential oil for its scent. I love the smell of these two combined with coconut oil (CO)!

But if you aren’t a fan, reduce the tea tree oil and use a scent that you like.

Add all ingredients into a recycled container, mix and voila~

If I  find the mixture too runny, I add more arrowroot powder; too dry, I add a bit of CO. What I want to see is a smooth slightly oily paste.

An alternative should you find your mixture too oily – let the paste sit for two days. The oil will rise to form a layer and you can pour the excess away.

So you see, ingredient proportions are not cast in stone. I wouldn’t add too much baking soda and essential oils though. Baking soda is drying and some people may be sensitive to it. Essential oils are concentrated so please go easy on them.


Ingredients for homemade deodoran

Ingredients for homemade deodorant. (From left back row: baking soda, arrowroot powder, coconut oil, homemade deodorant. lavender essential oil, tea tree oil )

Other than the baking soda which I got from the supermarket, I got all the ingredients from iHerb.

My experience with homemade deodorant

I don’t fancy the smell of the Healthy Origins coconut oil (CO). So far I prefer CO from Nutiva. (It has this nutty smell that makes even toasted bread smell so yummy!)

You know how oil containers get oily over time? I simply place a tissue under the container to catch the leak.

I also bring some out with me in a small container and re-apply when necessary. I keep this container in a ziplock to contain the oiliness.

I have made three batches so far and each batch lasts me for months .

They tend to become dry and flaky with time so I mix in a small amount of coconut oil to revive it.

Homemade recipes are fun as you play around with them and eventually tweak it into something that is truly yours.

Happy experimenting!

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