Kombucha for good gut health- Yay or nay?

I visited Sydney recently and was super excited to try out Kombucha – a  sexy concoction of fermented tea, sugar, bacteria and yeast that is claimed to be good for your gut.

What is Kombucha?

It is produced by fermenting sweetened green or black tea with a symbiotic culture of acetic acid bacteria and yeast, or SCOBY.

During the fermentation process, the SCOBY changes the polyphenols — compounds found in tea, fruits and vegetables — into other organic compounds. These compounds supposedly provide health benefits beyond those already found in green or black tea.

This drink has about 0.5% alcohol.

Health benefits

Kombucha is supposedly beneficial for several ailments such as indigestion, weight loss, bone health and inflammation.

Though there has been no clinical studies on humans to substantiate these claims, I was determined to try it.

My experience

I read about Kombucha as I was looking for a solution for my sensitive and sluggish digestive system. (You know how fermented foods are all the rage as they are rich in probiotics and thus good for our digestion and gut.) I thus made a beeline for it in Aussie as it is sold cheaply there.

I tried two flavours from ‘The Bucha Shop’ as it was on promotion at Coles – original and orange and turmeric.

Kombucha from 'The Bucha Shop'

Kombucha from ‘The Bucha Shop’

I tried it twice in two different flavours. It was alright, it tasted mild- not pungent or vinegary- like a slightly odd-tasting fizzy tea.

Unlike kefir, which made my insides feel fresh and light, I did not experience anything out of the ordinary with Kombucha. I didn’t feel like it aided detoxification, digestion,  or relieved constipation, Being someone who takes kefir and yoghurt regularly,  my Kombucha experience was underwhelming.

Just for kicks, I would give it another shot when I’m down under again, but maybe a different brand this time.

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