The lean body diet – How I stay lean on holiday

Hello, time flies!  I spent this month visiting Greece and Sydney. I haven’t exercised much, yet I maintain some sort of leanness. Why? Because I haven’t gone too far off from my lean body diet guidelines. How do I do that?

Lean body diet – select healthier alternatives

For me, it meant skipping the moussakas and gyros since these are high in carbs in fat, and loading up on grilled seafood, tzatziki, hummus and Greek salads instead.

salad and seafood from my lean body diet

Olive oil, feta cheese and dressings are high in calories and saturated fat. Notice that the restaurants are pretty generous with them- you can ask for them to be served separately

Many clean eating options in Syndey which helped me to stick to my lean body diet

In Sydney, I had the pumpkin with quinoa and beetroot topped with walnuts (left) – too good.

Share the treats
Who doesn’t love sweets? I hyperventilate with excitement just walking into a Greek bakery.
But I love sharing too. So it is always one gelato/ baklava/ pie shared three ways. Thrice the joy – 1/3 the calories.

Be selective
I went bonkers in Sydney where there were so many lovely deserts. So I held out for the best dessert to eat for each day. I ended up not buying a single dessert throughout the trip!  Talk about delayed gratification.

During our time at the Commonwealth Bank’s Innovation Lab, we were fed the loveliest treats throughout the day – assorted macarons and croissants, mini puffs filled with white chocolate, sliced cake, etc. Gosh.
I would eat the fruits on sticks and sandwiches first. If I was still hungry. I would go for one sweet treat. Our mentors and staff gladly had the desserts so no food was wasted.

Buy local produce – eat fresh and save money! 
In Athens and the Greek islands, I had Greek yoghurt, honey, locally-made cheese and Santorini cherry tomatoes. Strawberries in Athens are a dollar for a punnet!
Kale and cheese were cheap in Sydney. ( There are way more of course, but we didn’t have that much time to figure that out)

With these, I was able to DIY my lean body diet.

I DIY-ed my lean body diet overseas!

Top row: Make your own salad; AUD$1.80 for this big bunch of kale! Bottom row: Honey, strawberries and nuts are great additions to plain yoghurt!

Drink up!

It is easy to forget drinking water in cool climates due to diminished thirst response.

I cant help emphasizing why hydrating is so important and I talked about it in a previous post too. Do stay hydrated so that your body continues to function at its optimum.

I always carried a large bottle wherever I go. Thus I need not pay 1 euro each time I wanted a bottle of water; I also reduced my use of plastic bottles.

drinking enough water as part of my lean body diet

No water up the mountain? No worries. Bring it along!

Do you have other tips to stay lean while saving money on holiday? Write to me at or comment below:)

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