The animal kingdom workout, featuring the bear crawl and more

So you are on holiday with no gym and no equipment – nothing to work with, but let’s say u do have space. Well, that’s great. Let’s look to nature for our next series of workout moves – the animal crawl exercises, one of which is the bear crawl!

I enjoy crawls as I feel like I am playing instead of working out. Furthermore, as we are mostly on our feet then our backs, being on all fours is a refreshing change.

Try it!

Bear crawl

Buttocks point up to the sky.

To move forward, move your left hand in tandem with your right leg, right hand with your left leg.

To increase difficulty, you can give your arms a good solid workout by crawling down a hill.

Lizard crawl / Spiderman crawls

Push up position but hands close to your body.

To move forward, bring one hand forward, while bringing the opposite knee up on the other side so that it’s close to your elbow. Keep your hands close to your body

The lizard crawl is the similar as the Spiderman, just lower to the ground

Crab crawl

This is the easiest of all the crawls. Start by sitting on the floor. Lean back, support yourself with two hands and lift your butt up. Then scuttle around like a crab!

Set yourself a stretch to crawl, rest at the end before crawling back. The distance should be far enough and you go low enough so that you are struggling to reach the end of each ‘stretch

Why crawl?

I did crawls during martial arts training, and also during Glenn’s training sessions. Crawls work your arms, shoulders and upper body in a dynamic fashion, and definitely cross-coordination.

Crawls are also unique because they train the core and the slow twitch (endurance) muscles – similar to a plank, but in a more dynamic manner that trains the whole range of movement.

Happy crawling!

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