Minimalist living- How I spend and live with less

Hi everyone, happy Monday! I hope you had a great CNY holiday.

So I got through my last-minute spring cleaning pretty quick. On hindsight, I think it is because I don’t own nor do I keep much- pretty much minimalist living.

Since I have less clutter, I save space, money and time on decision-making.

I do minimal shopping. But I do want to kick myself when I need something decent for an event.

This is when I’m thankful for having a sister with great taste, and who is just a size smaller.

minimalist living- i got a free dress!

Thank you Fairy god sister for my 2018 Lunar New Year dress! 😀 <3

Too many times, she generously lent me her dresses and belongings because I didn’t like the idea of buying something that I wasn’t going to wear or use again.

For the rest of it, this is how I go about my minimalist living:

Stick to a budget

I don’t spend beyond $20 for each clothing item ($25 MAX for fancy dresses and work pants, but this seldom happens) Anything more expensive does not deserve a second look.

Buy only when I need it

Don’t buy something you are not going to use real soon just because it is on discount.

If you need something. Start shopping early so you can catch good deals; don’t buy at the last minute so you won’t be arm-wrestled into paying high prices.

“How does this value-add me?”

I don’t colour my hair or do my nails.  Branded items I own are gifts. Reason being I don’t see long-term value in these.

No offense to anyone. I spend on food and organic skincare as these are important to me, so to each his own (spending preferences). peace

Good condition hand-me-downs are the bomb

Yeah, I use hand-me-downs. Thank you for the love 😀

Reduce hardcopies

I rely mainly on audiobooks, e-books and Google.


I make my own- facial wash, face mask, cleansing oil etc.

Buy basics- classic designs, basic pieces

I buy versatile pieces that can be matched with skirts or pants, and take me from work to a dinner date.

No duplicates

I buy one of something – say sneakers or one bag for work and play –  and use it to death.

My inspiration

I remember the people whom I envied when I was traveling were those who could carry all they had on their shoulders and go anywhere their hearts led them. They believe that one does not need to own a lot to live a good life and I realised that life need not be so complicated.

So you may ask: How do I move towards minimalist living? My two cents:

Think twice before buying, no matter how cheap

Invest in yourself, not in material things

De-clutter. My sis Xiang Hui taught me to acknowledge when an item is past its use, makng it easier to let go. So I thank my item for its service before throwing it away. Here is a summary of the decluttering technique by Marie Kondo.

Thanks for sharing Xiang!

Try it! You may be surprised at how you feel after that.

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