Peace and tranquillity at Siloso Beach Resort

Where do you find a quiet place to unwind in Singapore? Having not been being able to find this tranquil space, I took a bus to Port Dickson to chill in a seafront villa. Who would have known I would find paradise, right here on Sentosa in Siloso Beach Resort- Singapore’s first eco-resort ?

Why I love Siloso Beach Resort

I was enthralled by how serene the resort is the moment I stepped in. I was transported to another world, one where time slowed down and the hustle and bustle of the city slowly fell away. The drive to Siloso Beach Resort on Sentosa Island is therapeutic and is a lovely lead up to this sanctuary.

I love hearing the cascading of the waterfall every time I stepped out of my room. I love how I can traipse in lush foliage and look out to the Straits of Singapore at the same time

VIew from roof terrace of Siloso beach resort

Overlooking the Singapore Straits

Much care was given to the natural environment – buildings were built around existing trees

Reading in a clean (read not dirty not sandy) hammock under the shade is up my alley

I regret not being able to attend the free eco-tour though.


There is a freaking waterfall! Nuff said

The water in the pool is spring water from an underground reservoir.

There are large floats provided for you to float in the 92m long landscape pool so you don’t have to worry about bumping into people.


Breakfast is served on the first floor facing the beach. There weren’t many people but do note I went on a weekday.

Breakfast was very hearty! There were fruits, Meiji yoghurt, fried noodles, goreng pisang and other Asian side dishes.

Croissants are made in-house and oh so good! ( Yes, it is buffet but please don’t take the whole batch ok? More will come.)


Free parking

Leisurely 10-minute walk from Siloso beach station


Best of all, because it is an eco-resort, I felt like I holidayed responsibly. I was blown away when I saw how the green initiatives were implemented, and that it wasn’t just greenwashing bullshit.  There were:

Tanks to collect the heat generated from air conditioners are collected and used to heat water

Rooftop garden – the variety of herbs and plants are amazing. Read more here.

View from the rooftop terrace: It is business as usual at Palau Bukom

Why you may not like it

The standing shower area is small.

Humidity is a real problem for the management due to the resort’s proximity to the beach. It encourages mould growth and wreaks havoc on furnishings. It also don’t help when guests come padding in soaking wet and doing whatever they do in their rooms. I had an issue with the slightly sticky floor but other than that, everything else was clean.

Gym wasn’t well maintained

View from room on 3rd or 4th storey of Siloso beach resort

View from room on 3rd or 4th storey

I wished the furnishings were what I would expect of a four-star resort and that bayside window seat could have been a cushy seat instead of cold granite. But on hindsight, this could be due to the humidity problem.


I had a late dinner and I found out that last orders at Shangri-La ended at 1030pm. Room service food was so-so.

Co-Nut-Inkl was just opposite Siloso Beach Resort and I had the coconut ice cream with red Ruby. You get a free cup of coconut water with each purchase.  It’s so smooth and rich (I cannot figure what gives it its body and makes it distinct from other coconut ice cream, is it yam?) and the slight crunchiness  of the red Ruby (not too sweet) was a great compliment. I eat treats in small portions but I was so sad when I reached the bottom of the coconut shell.  Too addictive.

Presenting the best coconut ice cream

Siloso Beach Resort gets 4.6 / 5 stars

Overall, my experience at SBR was remarkable and one-of-a-kind. I walked away in awe of the ingenuity behind the construction of the resort. I am touched and inspired that a made-in-Singapore business stays so committed to reducing its carbon footprint. I left the island feeling serene and ready to take on the world.


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